Gestev is an event developer and organizer that Gestev has been creating unforgettable event concepts and shows that consistently raise the bar for event organization and production since 1992.

In May 2013, Quebecor acquired Gestev and set up its Sports & Entertainment Group, an integrated suite of companies that includes events, hockey teams (Québec Remparts and Blainville-Boisbriand Armada) and the Videotron Centre. In its new incarnation Gestev is an industry leader in sporting events, shows, entertainment and experiential marketing in Québec and internationally.

Today, in addition to producing major events like Red Bull Crashed Ice, Vélirium, Jamboree, Ski Tour Canada and Transat Québec Saint-Malo, Gestev is a leading player in show business and sporting events. Gestev is also active in experiential marketing, sponsorship activations, corporate events and management of sites such as Baie de Beauport Beach and Videotron Centre.

Our innovative suite of services and expert team provides a showcase for Québec and international talent to shine across all our physical and virtual platforms.

Executive team

  • Myrianne Collin

    Myrianne Collin

    Senior vice president, operations, marketing & customer experience

    “A brand and its customer are like a couple. You can bring flowers but it won’t mean much if you act cold and distant. The customer experience has to be positive across the board. You have to cultivate it if you want to have a long-term, faithful relationship.”

  • Michel Granger

    Michel Granger

    Vice president, concerts & creative content

    “I draw my energy and my sense of pride from the magic of the performance and the energy of the audience drinking in the show we spent months putting together. As long as I can remember, that vitality has driven me forward.”

  • Yves Cinq-Mars

    Yves Cinq-Mars

    Executive director, sales

    “Gotta move! The great thing about sports and showbiz is that there’s no routine. Sales are my passion. Ushering a new event into the world, developing a marketing plan and then going out into the marketplace and selling it is always exciting for me.”

  • Martin Dumont

    Martin Dumont

    Vice president, finance

    “Only sports and live shows transport spectators to an unpredictable world into which they can escape.”

  • Patrice Drouin

    Patrice Drouin

    President, Gestev

    “I live in the future while fully experiencing the present and drawing on the past. I love it!”

  • Chantal Lachance

    Chantal Lachance

    Vice president, marketing & operations, Gestev

    “Live each moment to the fullest. The passion and intensity I feel every day have always guided me, helping me find the positive in every situation and come up with solutions.”

  • Louis Painchaud

    Louis Painchaud

    General manager, Videotron Center

    “We are honoured to be able to welcome performers and athletes to a magnificent venue that provides all spectators with a first-rate experience and is faithful to traditions of accessibility and proximity to the public.”