Michael Bublé

Canadian 2019 tour announced

SAT August 3, 2019
Centre Videotron
November 19 | 10:00
link to https://www.ticketmaster.ca/venueartist/402524/30809/notap?utm_source=AUTOPROMO&utm_medium=GESTEV&utm_campaign=CORTEO&brand=videotron
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link to https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/guylaine-tanguay/event/31005538D8163EA6

Gestev's News

Supercross Montréal teams up with Jetwerx to announce a special edition event in the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series

A month after it was announced that motocross is making a grand comeback at the Olympic Stadium with Supercross Montréal this September 15, event producer GESTEV is excited to confirm that one of the biggest names in the industry is now on board as well—Jetwerx International. Not only will Jetwerx be in charge of all course building and competition timing, it’s also raising the stakes by making this a special edition event in the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series!

Major partnership between the Videotron Centre and La Capitale

Quebecor Sports and Entertainment Group is pleased to announce a major new long-term partnership between La Capitale Insurance and Financial Group and the Videotron Centre.