Marie S'infiltre - Culot Tour at Théâtre Capitole

"Culot": the show that invites the spectator to be daring by emancipating himself from the gaze of others so as not to be ashamed of anything. A hybrid show that mixes sketch and musical, improv and literary texts, and invites the audience to get out of their comfort zone. Anything goes in this magical interlude that sweeps away moralistic self-righteousness! In short, be crazy, crazy, free!

MARIE S'INFILTRE, actress, author, singer, dancer and director, made a name for herself in 2017 on social networks thanks to her satirical, comic and political videos on French society and current events in general.

Her videos were a springboard to unveil his nerve and talent. His niche is to reveal the contradictions and comic absurdity of everyday life. Mary always gets straight to the point and dares what no one else dares.

After many successful dates, the bold tour of MARIE S'INFILTRE continues in 2024.