New Orleans Blues

Louisiana music and cuisine take center stage at New Orleans Blues, which immerses audiences in the culture of the American South, with its colorful ambience and all-you-can-eat Cajun menu.

Together, a dozen seasoned artists will create an atmosphere worthy of an evening on Bourbon Street, at the intersection of jazz, bluegrass, funk, gospel and many other warm sounds, in an explosive staging by Normand Brathwaite.

With the fusion of music, history and gastronomy of mythical Louisiana, New Orleans Blues is a unique event not to be missed!


"New Orleans is where the world has decided the party is going to happen and NEW ORLEANS BLUES will be an experience for all the senses that will bring together a dozen artists, great singers and musicians, in a carnivalesque Mardi Gras atmosphere!" 

The excellent chef Paul Toussaint (Kamúy, Time Out Market, Agrikol, Toqué!), known for his festive and warm Caribbean cuisine as well as his daring harmony of flavours, concocted the menu for this unique evening produced by Jean Pilote of LCQ Productions (Elvis Story, Elvis Experience, Génération Motown and Les Misérables). 

"For its richness, for its culture and, of course, its food, New Orleans is my dream city! It's celebration, it's love, but it's also a great culinary scene where, in one corner, you can enjoy a jambalaya or a gumbo like no beat, and where the best fried chicken on the planet is served in a convenience store! I travel there at least twice a year to cook with friends and discover the essence of this cuisine, which I can't wait to share with Quebecers" 

"I want to produce a show that celebrates the music of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. At that time, I was the owner of the Capitole Theatre and I dreamed of welcoming and bringing together musicians and artists from Bourbon Street on stage, in the aftermath of the disaster. It is today that this dream is finally coming true and I have entrusted the development of it to Normand, whose musical experience, passion and masterful work on Belle et Bum I admire." 


Signed by Chef Paul Toussaint



Cajun Shrimp

Main Courses


Smoked Chicken

Side Dishes

Red Beans

Vegetable Etouffee



Bread Pudding


Choices may change without prior notice