Ravel Chante Dubois Presented at Cabaret Le Confessionnal

After achieving resounding success at its premiere last June, the show Ravel sings Dubois returns to the stage for another Encore. Critics acknowledge that Jean Ravel has crafted a solid spectacle, driven by his very personal interpretations of Dubois' songs.

Superbly supported by three strong and versatile musicians, Ravel delves into Dubois' universe with a voice as nuanced as it is powerful. He delivers an impressive performance, infused with great sensitivity. Dubois' lyrics and melodies suit him perfectly. 'Ravel takes on Dubois' greatest songs without imitating him, with his own personality and a lot of confidence. It's good, enjoyable, and beautifully done,' notes critic Yves Leclerc of the Journal de Québec.

Ravel sings Dubois offers 90 minutes of pure happiness. Audiences clamor for more. Ravel sings Dubois, for the sheer pleasure of letting yourself be carried away to rediscover Claude Dubois' greatest hits while discovering Jean Ravel in a new light.