Révolution en Tournée

Applauded by over 125,000 spectators of all ages and from every corner of the province, GESTEV is pleased to announce the presentation of the brand-new show RÉVOLUTION EN TOURNÉE, in collaboration with Loto-Québec.

Starting in February, 5th season winnerGabrielle Boudreau,Clique, the duo Diffo, Jason Morel Canavaggia & Marie-Josée Corriveau, Jordan Raymond & Santiago Santamaria, Katerine Leblanc, Sean Wathen, Sébastien Leroux, Sunny Boisvert St-Hillien, Yelda Del Carmenand and Yoherlandy Tejeiro Garcia will take to the stage at venues across Quebec with never-before-seen performances that are as exhilarating as they are moving!

Celebrating dance in all its forms, the RÉVOLUTION EN TOURNÉE 2024 team can't wait to meet the public, with new numbers that are imaginative, spectacular and moving!

Get ready for an emotionally-charged show!