• Why volunteer?

    To have a unique, rewarding experience. To get front-row seats to all kinds of cultural and sporting events. To meet interesting and inspiring people.

    You can also volunteer as a group: it can be fun and profitable!

    We pay a daily allowance per person. Contact us for more info.

    Become a volunteer!
  • Positions for people of all ages and interests

    We have a volunteer position that’s right for you!

    Many positions available!

    Technical :
    field crew, first aid, crowd management, security, transportation.

    Services :
    Reception, food, partners area, activities, green squad, flying squad, registration.

  • The Béné-Queens team!

    We have a terrific dynamic team that will make sure you have a great experience. They are always ready to respond to any and all requests with a smile. We promise you a warm, friendly, lively and professional welcome from the Béné-Queens!

  • L'équipe des béné-queens !
  • Items promotionnels Merchandise

    You will receive free merchandise related to the event

  • Repas et collations fournis Meals and snacks

    Free meals and snacks during your shift

  • Béné-mobile Shuttle

    Special shuttle service to remote sites

  • Party de reconnaissance Thank-you party

    A party to thank you for your work: food, drinks and tons of gifts!

  • Hébergement possible Accommodations

    Accommodations are provided for multi-day stints at remote sites

  • Rabais à la boutique Discounts at souvenir shop

    Discounts at the event’s gift shop