The little Belgian continues his tour and arrives in Quebec for the very first time.

After hundreds of comedy videos on the Internet and a sold-out Belgian tour, GuiHome vous détend is hitting the road and conquering everyone in his path!
In his show, the comedian & video artist highlights the painful transition from childhood to adulthood. Using new characters and a larger-than-life staging, the comedian takes you into his Peter Pan world for almost two hours.
First move-in, first wedding, first funeral, GuiHome pokes fun at the milestones of his young life, and confronts you with your own dreams in a gentle, truthful way. He's grown up (by at least 2cm), matured and suddenly wants to share his vision of society. It's high time to enjoy life again, and whether it's with family, friends, colleagues or lovers, this is the show for you.
He's in great shape, overexcited and has absolutely no tongue in his pocket (yes, we're not going to lie to you, he has no filter)!
One thing's for sure, you won't come away from this show unscathed, but after all, is it really that bad?