Si je vous ai bien compris, vous êtes en train de dire…with Guy Nantel

Guy Nantel is finally back with a new show entitled If I understood you well, you are saying... With such a promising title, it is obvious that Nantel is taking advantage of this 6th one-man-show to come back with humor on his political adventure in order to tell how he lived the experience from the inside. Through this show, he tries to convince the public of his great competence as a politician… but the more he presents his ideas, the less we want to vote for him! At a time when many subjects divide and polarize, Nantel, who is a staple of humor thanks to the caustic, ironic and realistic look he has on our society, does not hesitate to express himself courageously in the greatest freedom… Yes yes, it's still possible! Whether on stage or in his famous vox pop, he creates hilarity every time as he skillfully navigates between the social, the political and everything that affects our daily lives.

90 minutes, without intermission

100% French-language repertoire

*Admission restricted to people 18 and over.