Come see the most Quebecois of French comedians, who has captured the hearts of the local public with his energetic and charismatic humor. With his 3rd one man show, entitled Naturel, Jérémy offers you a unique experience.

In this new show, the comedian reveals himself like never before by exploiting his numerous confessions about himself, his life and his family by exploiting the comic side of situations he has experienced! He enjoys going into more personal areas and will undoubtedly surprise you with deliciously daring content that we never suspected... It's a real revelation, which allows us to better understand the comedian and the man behind the character.

Endowed with contagious energy, Jérémy Demay knows how to create a natural connection with his audience from the start of the show. His charisma on stage is undeniable, and his ability to captivate the audience is simply remarkable. He takes us on a unique journey, where laughter and emotion mix perfectly.


90 minutes, without intermission
100% French-language repertoire
*Admission restricted to patrons 18 and over.