Comedian Silvi Tourigny is preparing to hit the stage with his first solo show, En feu!

This one-woman show is a hilarious dive into her experiences, but above all into her desires, those of a liberated and assertive woman. 

Over the last few years, things have happened in her life: a house, a child, a motorcycle, a separation, another house, questionable encounters, another relationship and that's without counting her passion for animals! 

Silvi and her faithful sidekick, Carole, are more excited than ever and ready to not only make you laugh, but also make you want to dance! With her disarming naturalness, the redhead brings a breath of energy and humor that seduces with great bursts of laughter. As Carole would say: “No need to warn you that you’re going to have fun because Silvi is ON FIRE!!! »


90 minutes, without intermission
100% French-language repertoire
*Admission restricted to people 18 and over.