A concept bringing together the Diva's greatest hits and the colors of Quebec haute couture.

From the very first notes, the incredible vocal resemblance will take your breath away! A concept combining the Diva's greatest career hits with the colors of Quebec haute couture.

Since 2022, Catherine Pearson has conquered Quebec, Florida and Ontario. The singer who has been singing Céline for over 3 decades will delight Céline fans with a breathtaking show. To achieve this, the singer has surrounded herself with exceptional musicians who have accompanied the greatest (Michael Bublé, Corey Hart, Michel Fugain...) under the musical direction of William Croft.

You'll leave dazzled and touched, both by her vocal power and by the vibrant message of love she delivers on the world's greatest stages. You'll discover a well-hidden local gem!

If it were enough to love, I'd make this world a dream, an eternity...


90 minutes, without intermission

50% French-language repertoire / 50% English-language repertoire, French spoken portion

*Admission restricted to people 18 and over.