Comedy Show, Sejoe and friends

Welcome to the Stand Up Comedy Show «Ayisyen Pale, Ayisyen Konprann» featuring in the first part Prince of Haiti, Maya Fairy, Ti-Inosan, Paul Prinvil, our host Marc Brianvil and in the second part, none other than the renowned comedian Sejoe! Expect powerful jokes, funny anecdotes and moments of pure delirium that will leave your heart light. This evening promises to be an instant remedy against stress and daily gloom.

Book your tickets now for an evening that will leave you happy memories and laughter to share. Come with family, friends or solo, because laughter is a universal language that unites all hearts.

We look forward to welcoming you for an evening of laughter with 85% Creole, 10% French, and 5% English! Fun guarantee!

120 minutes, without intermission

*Admission restricted to people 18 and over..